Just a Blood Pressure Cuff?  We scoff at that (yes we said scoff...)

Don’t let this unassuming fart toy deceive you: It is pure family fun. Can you say the same about a blood pressure cuff? That it’s “pure family fun?” I would say not.  We would NOT recommend purchasing a blood pressure cuff as a gift, prank or fun toy for your family. Just sayin’.

Giving Back to our Community
When you order one of our Community Partner Tooty Toobs, we’ll split the cost with you and send your order to one of our participating partners. When we invented the Tooty Toob, we knew we were onto something amazing. The sheer number of fart sounds, fart games, and general hilarity was amazing. It made our family laugh for hours and then days on end.
However, no matter which option we tried, the fart toys always seemed to either break, run out of batteries, be too difficult to get “just right”, or simply not sound like realistic farts. We’d build up our anticipation for a great gag and then within seconds, we’d be disappointed. We were so tired of buying cheap toys that didn’t work well and broke.
How to Avoid Getting Dumped. Creating a Toy Built to Last.
It’s true that the world of prank gifts, gag gifts, and practical jokes is flooded with inexpensive, poorly made options. It seems like every time we purchased one for a birthday party or practical joke, they lasted for one or two good fart sounds, but then either popped or cracked and bummed everyone out.