“The Strong is interested in items that illustrate and document the role of play in learning and human development,” said Michelle Parnett-Dwyer, curator of dolls and toys. “The Original Tooty Toob stood out because it points to the unique ability of play to make jokes about things that might normally embarrass us and deal with awkward subjects.”

The Original Tooty Toob delivers an awesome variety of fart sounds with an easy squeeze of your hand – no battery required. Simply, lay the end of the Toob in the center of your elbow, bend your arm to pinch it tight, and squeeze the bulb to create super sweet toot sounds that will crack a smile on even the toughest customers. The Tooty Toob produces an endless variety of realistic fart sounds as you change the strength of your squeeze (try your armpit!).

"It's not always easy getting natural smiles and happy faces, especially with kids," says Holly James Walters, owner and photographer at Magnolia Photography in Courtland, NY. "Having Tooty Toob in my toolkit is a giant help - then I can just grab the shots when I get laughs."