Just a Blood Pressure Cuff? We scoff at that (yes we said scoff...)

Just a Blood Pressure Cuff?  We scoff at that (yes we said scoff...)

Don’t let this unassuming fart toy deceive you: It is pure family fun. 

Can you say the same about a blood pressure cuff? That it’s “pure family fun?” I would say not.

The Original Tooty Toob is a patent pending toy made of a 2 foot long flexible tube with an airbulb at the end - some people think it looks like a blood pressure cuff. I can see that. But that’s where any perceived similarity ends. 

Unlike the Tooty Toob, blood pressure cuffs do not:

  • Emit fabulous and ever changing fart sounds. The Tooty Toob delivers an endless variety of realistic toot sounds. As you change the pressure in your arm, knee, hand or armpit, you get juicy, squeaky, windy and boomtastic fart sounds. Cue the laughter!
  • Make coveted gifts, toys or stocking stuffers. Sure, maybe there are some aspiring 13 year old physicians out there who would love a medical device for their birthday, but I don’t know many. If you’re looking to put a smile on someone's face, give the gift of Tooty Toob toot sounds.
  • Create great gags, pranks or practical jokes. People play with the Tooty Toob together -- it will make you laugh but immediately you want to use it to make other people laugh. I think a blood pressure cuff is best used just by you and your physician for your healthcare needs. 
  • Deliver laughs guaranteed. Let’s cut to the chase, blood pressure cuffs aren’t fun. They are important tools, but it's a stretch to say they’re fun. On the other hand, the Tooty Toob provides non stop laughs as your crew creatively tries to make the best poot sound.


In summary, we would recommend bringing The Original Tooty Toob to your next doctor’s appointment to assess the differences yourself and maybe even make your doc laugh. We would NOT recommend purchasing a blood pressure cuff as a gift, prank or fun toy for your family. Just sayin’.