Giving Back to our Community

Giving Back to our Community

When we invented the Tooty Toob, we knew we were onto something amazing. The sheer number of fart sounds, fart games, and general hilarity was amazing. It made our family laugh for hours and then days on end.

It seemed that whenever we picked it up, someone would make a fart noise we’d never heard before, or make a face we’d never seen, or try to “project” farts on to someone else (usually the dog). It created so many simple, hilarious, rolling laughs during a really tough time. It felt so good to simply, really laugh.

Then we started thinking about everyone that might need a laugh at that moment. We were in the middle of the pandemic and while we figured EVERYONE could use a laugh, we also knew that some people might need laughter more than others.



That’s why we started the Community Partnership Program to gift Tooty Toobs to people in really tough times. We’ve reached out to some local hospitals and have started this campaign partnering with Golisano’s Children Hospital in Rochester NY.

When you order one of our Community Partner Tooty Toobs, we’ll split the cost with you and send your order to one of our participating partners. It’s been amazing to hear the response we’ve received so far. There have been rumors of Tooty Toobs given to Doctors as they roam the halls leaving tears of laughter in their wake.

So, maybe you’re not the kind of person that needs to have more than one Tooty Toob - we understand that. But if you are the kind of person that likes hearing laughter and believes in the healing power it brings, consider buying one for someone that needs it. You’ll be glad you did.