Our family loves to laugh at funny gag gifts. Fart toys have been a regular “go to” prank option for everything from birthday gifts to funny gifts for mom, to even funny stocking stuffers. We laughed all the time.
However, no matter which option we tried, the fart toys always seemed to either break, run out of batteries, be too difficult to get “just right”, or simply not sound like realistic farts. We’d build up our anticipation for a great gag and then within seconds, we’d be disappointed. We were so tired of buying cheap toys that didn’t work well and broke.

That’s why we created the Tooty Toob. We reached into our product design background and created a product that checks all the fart prank boxes with none of the hassle.

We made the Tooty Toob out of medical grade components so it’s built to last. The squeezy bit is rated for something like a gazillion squeezes and the tube is, well, extremely tooby.

Seriously, we tossed it into the middle of a cub scout den and not only did it survive, but those kids created some pretty rad rippers (and yes they’ll get a badge for it).

We designed Tooty Toob to be super simple. Gone are the days of fiddling with a toy to get it to make just the right sound. Just put Tooty Toob in a “squeezy spot” and off you go. Kids from 2 to 92 can turn into fart machines.

Speaking of machines, Tooty Toob doesn’t need batteries, so it’s ready to go out of the bag with no additional cost or concern.

Simply put, we set out to design the best fart toy you’ll ever own, and we did it. How much is constant laughter worth anyway? When was the last time you laughed with your kids?

With Tooty Toob, you’ll only need to buy it once to have funny farts forever.