Our Story

Every chance you can! As a family, this is what we went back to repeatedly this year. Our work abruptly stopped (we run a tradeshow company), the world was changing to something new for everyone, and we had three young children at home.

In an effort to combat all those feels—we sought out laughter. Because laughter is what connects us. We unearthed a prototype toy from long ago. We’re innovators and tinkerers, so fun finds in our workshop are common!  We thought it was a good time to pivot to a project we could work on with the kids (homeschooling Entrepreneurship 101). This toy has brought our family so much joy during these difficult times, we decided to share it with others.

And whether you have a Tooty Toob™ or not – we hope you find time to have a laugh – with your people or your pets, while watching a video, or just on your own. Its our built in coping mechanism, releasing tension and actually boosting immune systems! So, if you’ve ever needed a reason to be ridiculous….goodness knows, now’s the time!