How to Avoid Getting Dumped. Creating a Toy Built to Last.

How to Avoid Getting Dumped. Creating a Toy Built to Last.
It’s true that the world of prank gifts, gag gifts, and practical jokes is flooded with inexpensive, poorly made options. It seems like every time we purchased one for a birthday party or practical joke, they lasted for one or two good fart sounds, but then either popped or cracked and bummed everyone out.

To make things worse, at that point they were worthless! So, they went to the garbage and eventually, a landfill. They are the single use bottles of the fart sound maker industry.

And don’t even get us started about the damage non-rechargeable batteries are doing to the environment.

That’s why we designed and manufactured The Tooty Toob to be different. Once we adopted the concept that Farts = Funny, we set our task to make the best Fart Toy you’ve ever had.

The Tooty Toob is built to last. It’s made from medical grade components that just don’t fail. It’ll stand up to heavy play from kids of all ages - farting, pooting, and tooting forever.

That way, if it doesn’t break, you’ll never need to throw it away! IT WILL NEVER SEE THE INSIDE OF A LANDFILL. Also, Tooty Toob is human hilarity powered, so you don’t need a steady stream of batteries to keep the jokes flowing.

Finally, we’re committed to an overall view of Tooty Toob sustainability. As such, we are striving to only use 100% reused/recycling packaging in our shipping process. Heck, even our mailers are dual use!

So, when you’re thinking about making some sweet fart sounds, but don’t want inexpensive, poorly made, landfill toys - check out the Tooty Toob. It’s so well made, your family will be laughing for generations.