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Community Partner Program Original Tooty Toob

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  • LAUGH UNTIL YOU CRY: Tooty Toob is a new fart toy that blasts an awesome variety of sounds with an easy squeeze of your hand.
  • EASY TO USE: Lay the end of the Tooty Toob in the center of your elbow, bend your arm, squeeze the bulb and voila: super sweet fart sounds.
  • DID YOU ACTUALLY FART? Create an endless variety of realistic toot sounds as you change the pressure in your arm, knee, hand or armpit.
  • NO PROBLEMS: No batteries! No Mess! Easily transportable!
  • IT’S AN HEIRLOOM: It's built to last generations with its high-grade, quality construction. It won’t pop or crack. Your great grandchildren will thank you.
  • SO MANY FART FUNNIES, SO LITTLE TIME: Ideal for pranks, games, gifts or even to record your sounds for all sorts of creative hijinks.
  • LAUGHS GUARANTEED: Even your toughest customer will laugh. Because farts = funny
  • Ages 6+
  • External use only. Use only as directed.
Age Range: 6 and up
Regular price $9.99

No Batteries

Made to Last

Realistic Sounds

Endless Variety of Toots

Patent Pending

simple to use, hours of fun!

Just lay the tube in your elbow crease, press your arm together and squeeze the pump. Watch our TOOTORIALS to learn the basics and even some advanced level Toot tricks!

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